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Forêt verte

Dark Riders

Johnny Cash Acoustic Covers

Résumé désert

A musical journey through the work of Johnny Cash

Going back to the roots of Country, Folk and Blues, the duo Dark Riders pay homage to country icon Johnny Cash, covering his most personal and intimate songs, resulting from his collaboration with the producer Rick Rubin, as well as his greatest standards.

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It's a long story,

that the west wind has blown over our lives. Dreams of kids fed on Comics, Western, Dead or Alive, Steve McQueen, his Mare's Leg in hand. The harmonica stamped in the bottom of the pockets, a traveling companion... already. From this schoolboy escape to the great ride of an adult, there was only one step, a kick of the heel. In Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer the fascinated discovery of the Camargue herdsmen led to the creation of a ranch, a horse breeding.


Country and Folk have become the soundtrack of our lives. These sounds left Europe and came back to us from America, suitcases laden with myths, with a Man in Black as a charismatic ambassador.


Our father/son duet is a note in the corner of the table at coffee time, when we chat with the family and take out the guitar. It is also a humble tribute to the raw emotion inspired by Johnny Cash's 81st album, American Recordings.


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